Upgrade your pre-starts

We’ve developed a suite of premium features that enhance pre-start functionality in Plant Assessor. Introducing issue and work order management, greater flexibility and customisation around service intervals, automatic notifications and reporting.

Pre-Start Plus and Premium Pre Starts:
Safer, Smarter, Better Together


Detailed reporting and dashboards for a better view

Get a better view of pre-starts with an easy to use dashboard, including details on Premium Pre Starts performed across your fleet, critical and non-critical issues, and whether work orders have been created against them.


Stay in the loop, with notifications and alerts

 You’ll never miss a thing, with an exportable, daily summary of completed pre-starts, delivered to your inbox each morning. If a machine has a critical issue, you’ll get an email alert straight away so you can address the problem.


Total control, with bespoke service intervals

Enable Premium Pre Starts and depending on the machine, you’ll see a field for odometer, hour meter, or both. You can set your own custom service intervals based on the meter reading, or a time based interval to match manufacturer’s recommendations, or your own.


Action management, including work orders

Identified a problem during a pre-start? You’ll see the issue in the results, and have the option to create a work order. Set a deadline to correct the issue, and add details like cost and timeframes, and then assign it to the relevant person to complete. 

It’s simple to get started

Choose which machines you want to enable Premium Pre Starts from the machines list in Plant Assessor, and then select ‘Manage Premium Pre Starts’ to enable the premium features. For more help and information, get your FREE Premium Pre Start guide.

Get your free guide


How much does it cost?
Premium Pre Starts cost just $2 per machine, per month. That’s it.

I’ve enabled Premium Pre Starts. Now what? 
For machines you’ve enabled Premium Pre Starts on, this will replace the standard pre-start functionality, and they will have a different icon on the machine page. You’ll see the custom service intervals on the machine details page, and get access to the dashboard from the reporting option.

What is the difference between Pre Start Plus and Premium Pre Starts? 
Download our guide to view how Premium Pre Starts gives you greater transparency, more control and more flexibility.

What version of Plant Assessor do I need?  
Premium Pre Starts are available to users of Plant Assessor 3.0. You can see what version you’re using by logging into Plant Assessor, and viewing the version number at bottom of the screen.

How do I turn on email notifications?
You’ll get an immediate email notification for critical issues, if you’re the default machine owner. You can turn on the daily 10am notification via the notifications tab of the individual people modal.